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Lawn Maintenance Augusta, GALawn Maintenance for North Augusta, SC; Aiken, SC & Augusta, GA

Custom Lawn and Sprinkler provides lawn maintenance for North Augusta, SC; Aiken, SC and Augusta, GA. This includes lawn mowing, leaf removal, pesticide treatment and fertilizing. We offer services for residential and commercial customers. It is important to take care your lawn year-round.

Lawn Mowing, Leaf Cleanup & Fertilizer Application

It is important that you have your lawn mowed on a regular basis. If done properly lawn mowing can stimulate lushness and better health for your grass. Mowing your lawn can also increase the curb appeal of your house. One of the first things that people often see is your lawn. Having a well-maintained lawn can speak volumes.

Don't forget about leaf cleanup. If you leave a thick layer of leaves on your grass over the winter it can cause serious problems. This includes snow mold and brown patches. Your grass might not even come up in the spring. Fallen leaves can also clog your gutters and damage your shingles. The last thing you want to do is leave clumps of dead leaves on your roof.

It is important to use fertilizer when taking care of your lawn. Fertilizers are essential to delivering the proper nutrients. The three key elements that your soil needs are phosphorous, nitrate and potassium. Without the proper nutrients, your lawn will look shriveled and brown.

Reasons why Pesticide Treatment is Beneficial

Pesticide treatment is often important when taking care of your lawn. The last thing you want to worry about is mosquitoes and ticks. They often carry disease that can make you sick. Pesticides can also be used to control weeds. It is key that you get rid of any weeds that are growing on your lawn.

Signs that you need Lawn Maintenance

There are several signs that you need lawn maintenance. One sign that you need lawn maintenance is brown grass. Brown grass can be due to a lack of water or lack of nutrients. Another sign that you need lawn maintenance is seasonal damage. Seasonal damage includes fallen branches and water damage. Finally, you should have someone look at your lawn if you have weeds or overgrown landscape features. Getting rid of weeds and other undesirable features can increase the value of your property. Don’t hesitate to give us a call if you have any questions about our lawn maintenance.

Hiring a Lawn Maintenance Company is Beneficial

There are a variety of benefits that come from hiring a lawn maintenance company. Hiring a lawn maintenance company can save you time. The last thing you want to worry about after taking the kids to soccer practice is lawn care. Another benefit is that lawn care will increase the value of your home. Many home buyers will check out the front and backyard when buying a house. Hiring a lawn maintenance company is also cost-effective. If you hire a lawn care company you won’t have to worry about buying equipment.

•Saves Time

•Increases the Value of your House

•Cost Effective

•Professional Experience


Please contact us to learn more about our lawn maintenance services. We also offer sprinkler installation, sprinkler repair, custom landscape design and more.